Before you share your story..

let me tell you mine..

Welcome to JoeForrest Foto. My name is Josef Forrest Hensley, a Delavan, Wisconsin-based portrait photographer with a unique journey into the realm of art. An appreciation for art and creativity was always within me, but the means to express it changed over time. After years in various construction roles, creating tangible structures, I found a new way to construct narratives and frame life - through the lens of a camera.

My Vision

My camera has become my tool, not just for capturing images, but for exploring and representing the often-forgotten side of the world. I thrive on breaking the norms and challenging the rules that society has erected for us, showcasing the fact that there's always a yin to the yang - a different perspective to every story.

My life has been an interesting journey filled with challenges and adventures, which has taken me from the Middle East to Europe. The subtle coincidences and strokes of serendipity have not been lost on me. For instance, I met my wife, a native of Luxembourg, while on a trip to Dubai - a testament to how surprisingly life's pieces can fit together against all odds.

Through my lens, I attempt to convey these experiences, revealing the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary and showcasing the beauty of our diverse world. Welcome to my corner of the world, where every photo tells a story.

ready to break conventional norms through my art. My photography seeks to illuminate the hidden sides of the world, breaking the barriers that society erects, and unveiling that every story has its yin and yang - a different facet waiting to be discovered.